Digital Meditation

Refik Anadol's 'Unsupervised' became the first NFT work to join the collection of The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York.

When a machine dives into the depths of MoMA, what kind of dream does it have? Known for his works in the field of new media and public installations, artist Refik Anadol has interpreted and transformed MoMA's art heritage of more than 200 years using a mind equipped with artificial intelligence.

Anadol, who was included in the permanent collection of the museum with his work titled 'Unsupervised', which surrounds the audience with a digital magic and is exhibited in the museum, produced this work by interpreting the publicly available data of MoMA's legendary collection with a sophisticated machine learning model.

Imagining what might have happened and what could happen in the future while reimagining the history of modern art, the 'Unsupervised' installation is also inspired by the environmental impact of the museum's Gund Hall. The change of light in the space, the rhythm of the movement, the dance of the acoustics and the touches added to the melody by the weather outside make the work unique. This artwork, coded on the blockchain, is a manifestation of Anadol's search for ways to unite memory with the future and make the invisible visible.


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