Tiffany interpretation of Pokémon

World-renowned jewelry brand Tiffany takes us back to our childhood in a collaboration with American artist Daniel Arsham: Into the world of Pokémon!

The Pokémon craze, which surrounded not only the world of children but also the agenda of adults in the 90s, returns today with a brand new interpretation and this time in an unusual jewelry collection. This new project, which has a unique place in jewelry collections with a fun, dynamic and childlike perspective, says hello to the whole world with the famous world brand Tiffany label! Each piece of the collection, which bears the signature of the famous American artist Daniel Arsham, includes a different nostalgia.

Designed by contemporary artist Daniel Arsham, the Tiffany collection consists of an 18-carat yellow gold material necklace and necklace tips in a form made of oxidized silver and decorated with diamonds. The collection, which has been worked with different Pokémon figures, also refers to Daniel Arsham's Pokémon-themed art exhibition "A Ripple in Time", which premiered in Tokyo last year. 

The artist's comment on this limited edition capsule collection confirms that he agrees with us: “My latest collaboration with Tiffany & Co. is a combination of pop culture, jewelery and art. Pokémon has had a huge presence since I was a kid, and this capsule collection shows how influential Pokémon has been in my business and in my long-term partnership with an established brand like Tiffany & Co. Both are inseparable from the cultural trace of the past, present and future. ”


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