Art highlights of 2024

Art Basel (March-December)

Art Basel is an important contemporary art event held four times a year in different cities and dazzles with the participation of many famous names. This year, Art Basel will meet art lovers in Hong Kong, Switzerland, Paris and Miami. The 2024 calendar of this glorious event, where the works of more than 200 galleries and more than 4000 artists are exhibited, is as follows: 

Art Basel Hong Kong: March 28-30
Art Basel Switzerland: June 13-16
Art Basel Paris: October 18-20
Art Basel Miami: December 4-8

Venice Biennale (April-November)

Positioned as one of the most prestigious events in the art world, the Venice Biennale brings together art lovers from all over the world this year. Debuts with the theme of "B Stranieri Ovunque – Foreigners Everywhere", the biennial once again reveals the social impact of art by dealing with universal issues such as immigration, exile and refugees. The biennial, which will take place in the magnificent atmosphere of Venice, will start on April 20 and last until November 24.

Open House Festival (September 14-22)

The Open House Festival, hosted by London every year, offers a unique opportunity for people with an interest in architectural structures. The Open House Festival, offering the opportunity to discover the leading buildings of the city that are not open to the public, is held between September 14-22. It offers architecture aficionados an unforgettable experience while also offering them the chance to be a part of celebrating the city's rich cultural and architectural heritage.


Other News

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Chanel's Retrospective Exhibition

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