Sevil Dolmacı Dubai and the first exhibition of the year: “Surfaced”

“Surfaced”, the first solo exhibition of the famous European artist Daniel Knorr in Dubai, is on view until 26 January.

Born in Bucharest, living in Berlin and Hong Kong, European artist Daniel Knorr is famous for representing Romania at the Venice Biennale in 2005. He managed to underline this recognition with his installation at Documenta in 2017 and Art Basel Miami in 2019. Now Sevil Dolmacı welcomes the year with her first solo exhibition “Surfaced” in Dubai.

In the exhibition, it is possible to see both the artist's iconic car works and his works that he experiences in a spontaneous flow on different materials. Daniel Knorr invites art lovers to experience the first moment of a creation, such as a thought, an idea, or just a gesture, that is, the emergence of the surface. 

This is how Daniel Knorr describes his first solo exhibition in Dubai: “'Exhibition preparation is like a period when various works of art placed in the private and public spheres come to the surface. Being on the surface, being in touch with the audience is an emotional moment. The artifacts reflect the moment of re-alignment with the surface after being under the influence of time. The resulting works represent the volume that disappears when it rains, in the form of a puddle on the roads or in the environment. ” 

Photographs: Emre Önemci


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