Decorate Your Living Space According to Fang Shui

Feng Shui is a philosophy that has a history of thousands of years in Chinese culture and is used to balance the energy of places.

In this philosophy, he believes that living spaces affect not only the physical structures, but also the moods and energies of the people living in them. It is believed that inner peace can be increased by providing a more balanced, harmonious and positive energy flow in living spaces designed according to Feng Shui principles. Let's take a look at how home decoration should be according to the Feng Shui philosophy

Entrance of Your Home

One of the most important points affecting the energy flow in your living space is the entrance of your home. According to this philosophy, the fact that the front of the door is messy is seen as a big problem and it is believed that positive energy prevents it from entering the house. You need to decorate this spot in the most minimal way and turn it into a more spacious space. It should be your priority that the entrance is spacious, bright and inviting. While giving space to the beautiful energy of plants is a good option for the entrance of your door, it is believed that the mirror you will use towards the door will bring bad luck. 

Color Selection

We know that colors have a significant impact on people. However, this is a much more important issue than Feng Shui. According to this philosophy, colors carry energy and it is important to make appropriate color choices for each room. For example, while warm tones are preferred for the living room, it is recommended to use calmer colors for the bedroom. If we further detail this, we reveal these details about colors: Blue and black are associated with water energy and promote inner peace. Red is linked to the element of fire and supports life energy. Green symbolizes developmental energy and movement, while yellow gives joy and hope. White and metallic colors represent purity and support focus of attention. Considering all this, the colors in your home are important according to this principle. 

Furniture Layout

The layout and layout of the furniture in the house is also one of the most important issues according to Feng Shui. Here, it is important for the furniture to form focal points and support the flow of the energy of the room. Moreover, the fact that the furniture does not have sharp corners is one of the issues you should pay attention to. We can also underline that you should not place any objects in the doorway and that you should not lean the main sofa in your room against the wall.

Plants and Natural Elements

Natural plants, stones, and other natural elements can be used to balance energy in the home. While plants are believed to bring life and vitality to rooms, stones can also bring balance and peace.

Light and Lighting

The lighting system in the house is also very important according to Feng Shui. It is preferable to have windows open so that they can receive natural light. In addition, soft lighting should be used in the rooms. Arranging the lighting correctly will positively affect the energy flow and atmosphere in your home.

Household Goods Selection

The choice of household goods and decorative objects in the house is also determined by Feng Shui. Household goods that will provide a simple and clean look should be preferred in the rooms. Excessive goods should be avoided and care should be taken to select each item carefully.


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