Travel Trends in 2024

Today's travel trends are evolving into a period where deep experiences and the search for inner balance come to the fore.

Travel is no longer seen as an exploration of sightseeing, but as an effort to penetrate deeply into the fabric of that region. Rather than wandering around every part of the city you are in, they try to wander around in a more conscious way and by moving away from monotonous touristic routes and establishing a deeper connection with local cultures.

The sustainability of the travel experience is also becoming increasingly important. Tourism activities that respect nature and support local culture aim to create a livable world for future generations by increasing environmental awareness.

As such, 2024 travel trends encourage individuals to act not only as travelers but also as citizens of the world. Profound experiences, inner transformation, and sustainability are becoming defining elements of today's travel trends. So which ones stand out the most among this year's travel trends? 


We can explain the trend of home-swapping, which is becoming more and more popular, as travelers swap their homes for long-term stays. This trend has spread around the world as well as in Europe. This trend, seen as an effective way to avoid hotel or Airbnb expenses on long-term trips, has quickly spread thanks to new platforms and social media. While members only pay a cleaning and service fee for each stay, they do not pay any fees for the stay. In the meantime, they enjoy experiencing different cultures and being a part of local life.

Sustainable Travel

Sustainable travel, or eco-tourism, is an understanding of travel that is environmentally conscious and embraces the idea of traveling without harming future generations. In this context, elements such as eco-friendly hotels, transportation methods that reduce carbon footprint and tourism activities that contribute to local communities stand out as part of this sustainable travel approach.

Health-Oriented Travels

Health and longevity-oriented holiday options are also among the rising travel trends. Thus, the traditional holiday concept is replaced by concepts focused on health and well-being. Resorts and luxury hotels that offer services to improve the quality of life welcome their guests with scientifically supported health practices.

Quiet Travel

In addition to fun-oriented holidays, we are witnessing the rise of calmer travels that support introversion. Quiet travel is also one of the trends that support this area. Quiet trips that allow you to get away from the life full of stimuli brought by modern life include activities such as isolated resorts, meditations, quiet walks. There are many destinations for quiet travel, from Portugal to Italy, from Japan to Finland.


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