Giant steps in sustainable fashion

Stella McCartney presents a whole new perspective with 15 different sustainable materials in her exhibition at the COP28 Climate Conference.

Sustainability, one of the most important concepts of the age, is evaluated in a wide scope from gastronomy to decoration, from architecture to fashion. We take a look at some of the giant steps in the fashion industry where this sustainable perspective has become well established. World-renowned fashion designer Stella McCartney, who participated in the Sustainable Market project at COP28, managed to attract attention with 15 different sustainable materials within the scope of this climate conference exhibition. 

In the project, where "the possibilities of the most advanced and soon to be available technologies" are exhibited, it is also said that the fashion industry will enter a new transformation. It aims to offer sustainable alternatives to fashion materials such as plastic, animal skin and fur. Stella McCartney is very excited about this new world of materials:

“The fashion industry accounts for 8% of global greenhouse gas emissions. We are required to go beyond the limited materials that the industry has traditionally worked with and be creative and innovative with alternatives. If we can work collaboratively towards these goals, we can start to produce in a way that revitalizes our planet instead of recovering it. ”


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