Sustainability Trends for 2024

The concept of sustainability is becoming more and more central to our lives’ rich tapestry.

We are now aware of how we can make a difference even with tiny changes in both our personal and professional lives. This leads us to act in a conscious way, socially and individually. Ranging from our product choices to our consumption habits, our awareness has increased significantly. Global warming awareness and ethical values push us to be more aware. Let's take a look at what we can do about sustainability concept, which we are starting to integrate into our lives day by day, while discovering which trends sustainability brings along with it in 2024.

1 - Use of natural materials

While using natural materials in your living space allows you to create a warm atmosphere, it is also one of the methods that make a difference with its chemical-free products and low energy consumption in the production process. By including wool, cotton, linen and wood materials in your rooms, you will both respect nature and feel comfortable. In addition to all these advantages, you will also increase the insulation and acoustic performance of your home with small touches. If you consider to make some sustainability-related changes in your living space, feel free to check out our Friluftsliv article.

2 - Electric vehicles

One of the most critical areas for environmental damage is transportation. Considering that transportation is responsible for around 20% of carbon emissions, we can conclude that the transition from gasoline to electric vehicles is also extremely important. Considering the carbon emissions caused by heavy traffic, especially in metropolitan areas, it can be said that this fuel switch will take a stance that respects nature.

3 - Climatarians, vegetarians and more.

The production of animal food releases emissions such as carbon dioxide, sulphur and ammonia into the air. Moreover, without proper waste management procedures, heavy metals and hormones cause soil and water pollution. Considering that the use of water in the large areas required for livestock breeding also causes a great waste of water, we can see that it triggers many environmental problems. With this awareness, many diets that encourage a reduction in animal consumption are becoming more common. In addition to options such as vegan and pescetarian, we are also observing new types of diets (lifestyles) such as climatarians (climate-friendly diet). Despite those who argue that animal consumption is necessary to provide important nutrients, especially protein, methods such as food sprouting, which significantly increase the value of plant foods are seeked. Many people are now aware that they don't need animal food, thanks to the foods they can easily sprout at home.

4 - digital emails

EcoSend is one of the most eco-friendly methods of email marketing. The app can be based on renewable energy sources or make environmentally conscious commitments such as planting trees for every e-mail sent. Considering the technology-oriented nature of today's business world, we can say that this method not only makes a difference, but is also a means of collective action by raising the awareness of other companies in the business world about this movement.

5 - Timeless pieces against fast fashion

While fashion houses shape trends every season, many people are encouraged to consume with the influence of social media. However, as attention has shifted to the concept of sustainability, the concept of timelessness has begun to take its place in opposition to fast consumption. We have started to look for pieces that we can use for years and that offer different combinations. We realized that there is no end to consumption. On the other hand, we have also seen that fashion multiplies every few years by repeating itself. Noticing the fashion cycle has also encouraged us to turn to timeless pieces. With this trend, we started to move towards consuming less. In addition, we see that apps for buying, selling or exchanging second-hand clothes are also coming into vogue. All this makes it easier for us to economize on resources that are being consumed recklessly.


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