2024 Wellness Trends

Today, the distinction between physical or mental health has been replaced by holistic health.

Now, many of us make an effort to accomplish the "well-being", receive trainings, change our perspective, but most importantly, increase our awareness. We are now aware of the fact that health is whole and beyond appearances. At this point, we come across the concept of wellness. This concept, defined by the World Health Organization (WHO) as "the optimal state of complete physical, mental and social well-being", invites those who cannot stand in the materialist atmosphere and hustle for even a second to stay in the moment and focus. 

Of course, when this issue is one of the problems that cannot be ignored today, it is not surprising that it has become popular. We come across a new trend in this field day by day. If you want to embrace well-being in your life or invest in yourself at this point, take a look at the wellness trends of 2024 that we have compiled for you! 

1- A minimal attitude in all aspects

Concepts such as self-worth and self-esteem have become even more important today. We are aware that the state of rush we are in and the feeling of inadequacy we struggle with will not come to an end unless our awareness increases. We see more clearly that every day that passes day when we are no longer in the moment and we are not conscious of our own value is working in our favor.

At this point, we see the first of the wellness trends of the year. We want to move forward by acting calmer, focusing, and enjoying the moment. This attitude also allows you to look at the world, which is increasingly embedded in the consumption frenzy, from an outside perspective. Rather than receiving the feeling of satisfaction from the materials, we begin to return to the essence. Thus, we start to consume less and exhibit a more minimal, environmentally and resource-sensitive stance.

This approach not only provides personal inner peace and satisfaction, but also allows us to adopt a more sustainable and conscious lifestyle. Recognizing and focusing on our inner values brings us closer to the source of true happiness.

2- Return to nature

We started to rediscover the peace and serenity provided by nature. It is not surprising that the return to nature itself feeds our well-being. Therefore, it is not difficult to guess that the wellness trends are amongst the others. Taking refuge in the embracing atmosphere of nature with the need to take a break from the stress and fast pace of modern life greatly supports not only our physical health, but also our mental and spiritual health. Whether you're walking on the beach, climbing mountains, or surfing at the sea, having your focus completely on the moment is therapeutic.

When it comes to nature, we know that there are many places worth seeing both in Türkiye and in the world. This also reveals that wellness has a substantial role in the field of tourism. It simply means more travel, more experiences, and more “moments”… These journeys turn into an adventure of self-discovery nourishing our body and soul.

3- Veganism as a lifestyle

Nutrition types are positioned as a lifestyle beyond being a trend. However, it would be incomplete if we did not include this year's wellness trends. Sustainability now affects our respect for ourselves, as well as our attitude towards the environment. Beyond being an individual, it also shows how much we contribute to society and how we behave. Beyond being an individual, how much we contribute to society and what kind of attitude we adopt is of utmost importance. Minimizing environmental waste, taking into account carbon emissions and greenhouse gas emissions, and having a lifestyle that is sensitive to animal welfare supports us to move away from a selfish attitude and become a conscious person.

When we look at it in terms of nutrition, we can say that we feel the popularity of vegetative diet in many places. It is possible to understand the advantages of a vegetative diet, considering the high ratio of fiber and antioxidants from food. Moreover, studies showing that animal foods have negative effects on our health are another factor that allows us to make sense of why vegan nutrition is a trend.

4- Having a regular sleep routine

When it comes to “well-being”, sleep is a substantial factor. Day by day, we understand its importance better. Sleep greatly affects both our day-to-day mood and the problems we may face in the future, such as Alzheimer's, so one of the biggest investments we can make in ourselves is to look at what we can do about sleep.

Let's gather the items that we anticipate to be popular about sleep this year under a few headings. First of all, it is recommended that we stick to a regular sleeping time. Putting our sleep time into a routine plays an important role in terms of both sleep quality and sleep patterns. Another factor is the integration of the developing technology into the sleeping area. We see how far smart watches and sleep monitoring devices have come in this regard. Details such as certain measurements and reminders of sleep time are the most well-known of these. Finally, the use of herbal teas or relaxing essences that will allow us to fall asleep naturally. For example, lavender oil is said to be effective in putting the body to sleep and providing relaxation before sleep.

5- A flow in accordance with the circadian rhythm

You can think of the circadian rhythm as your body progressing in a pattern suitable for the sunrise and sunset. In fact, it is by nature. However, factors such as sleep disorders, eating disorders, etc., can even reverse our daily flow. For example, waking up much later than sunrise, and therefore disrupting your feeding time, is contrary to the rhythm of your body. However, factors such as exposure to blue light and the release of cortisol further trigger the situation. Waking up late causes you to sleep late and the flow of your body due to its nature is disrupted. On the contrary, having a regular life and adopting a lifestyle suitable for the circadian rhythm will support your well-being in every way. 

6- The importance of home decoration

When it comes to wellness, if we are talking about complete well-being, the impact of the living spaces where we spend the most time cannot be ignored. Rooms that allow you to feel happy and peaceful also support you to enjoy the environment and the moment you are in. So what can you do about it? For instance, you can make changes that will allow your home to receive more light, and you can include accessories in color and motif that will make you feel better. However, growing plants at home will also be an effective option. For example, it improves the air quality of your interior, while reducing the stress rate and providing emotional relief. 

7- The best version of your only ideal

We are constantly exposed to “perfect” women under the influence of social media. We often know that the people we see present themselves differently through aesthetic interventions or retouching, but this can negatively affect our perception of reality. Imagining ourselves within these standards, we may resort to unhealthy diets or aesthetic interventions, but we do it not for ourselves, but for the sake of being alike. This situation, which jeopardizes our self-esteem, indicates that we need to accept ourselves as we are.

We are aware that our tendency to turn to unhealthy diets and aesthetic interventions in order to achieve the bodies we would like to achieve actually be a reflection of the fact that we do not accept ourselves enough. However, “espousal of the essence”, which emerged as another wellness trend this year, offers us the opportunity to increase our respect for our own self and body with healthy nutrition and sports. Having peace with our bodies, we stop hiding our imperfections and chasing idealized images. Instead, we recognize our value and idealize being at our best.

8-Socialize while playing sports

Participating in group exercises allows you to strengthen your social bonds as well as build healthy habits. Exercising in the community aims to increase both physical and social health by bringing together those who lead healthy lives. In addition to helping you establish a regular exercise routine, this also paves the way for you to build strong relationships while having a pleasant time.


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