A brief story of an icon: Cartier Love

Some pieces are timeless. We take a close look at Cartier's iconic Cartier Love bracelet.

There are some classics that come to mind when it comes to jewelry. Even if time passes or styles change, those pieces always manage to be in the lead role. With the Love bracelet, which will be a good example of this aspect, Cartier continues to go beyond the ages in design. The bracelet, designed by Aldo Cipullo in 1969, is a genderless piece suitable for both women and men. 

The Love bracelet, which we identify with a modern definition of a handcuff, is quite different from what we know with its oval form and iconic screw design. These screw designs also have a special underlying story: As we are used to, two people are needed to fix the screws. That's why Cartier, which associates this dual state with love and emphasizes the permanence of love, has already become a symbol of love and commitment with the Love bracelet. 

Pierre Rainero, Cartier's director of image, style and heritage, says it all depends on the design and adds: "For me, the Love bracelet is a worldwide success, as it was created due to the combination of many different dimensions (the first being design and the latter being symbolism). Design is always in relation to its meaning. Because screw constitutes the main meaning of the product. Its symbolic value lies in the fact that it is immediately visible with a very simple idea. ”


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