Dubai's new record

World-famous luxury watch brand Franck Muller sets a record with the watch to be designed at the top of a tower to be built in Dubai.

A new record is being broken in Dubai, which is identified with its tall buildings. The building, which will break the world's highest clock record, will be Dubai's first residential clock tower. Moreover, this news was first reported by Franck Muller, the most famous real estate company in the United Arab Emirates and a Swiss luxury watch manufacturer. The tower, to be built under the name of Franck Muller Aeternitas Tower, is seen as the first initiative of watchmakers in the real estate world.

The project, which will underline an upper segment perception, will be located in the marina area of Dubai. In the drawings of the tower, which will be built at a height of 450 meters from the ground, the clock at the top compels attention. It will be designed in a classic font with numbers and numbers consisting of different sizes. Franck Muller says the following about this project: "The luxury residential project will officially start in January 2024, and it will be necessary to wait until 2026 for it to be ready for occupancy." On the other hand, Erol Baliyan, the general manager of the brand, is very happy to expand in the Middle East: “We are strategically exploring the branded housing market in the UAE to bring the heritage of brand excellence to the real estate space. It's incredible to launch Franck Muller's first real estate collaboration in a world-class city like Dubai, one of the most vibrant, luxurious, and developed cities in the world. This marks the beginning of a new page for our brand. We are excited to introduce a record-breaking legacy for Franck Muller that is set to be the first of many iconic ventures to emerge on a global scale. ”


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