Feel the nature at home with Friluftsliv

Friluftsliv, pronounced `free-loofts-liv` in Norwegian and `free-lufts-leee-u` in Danish, refers to spending time outdoors.

This concept is especially of iutmost importance for those having a city life. It allows to rediscover the healing effects offered by nature for individuals who tire the body with high cortisol release during the day and experience interruptions in communication with both themselves and nature.

Friluftsliv is an effective concept for strengthening people's inner peace and bonds with the nature. Moreover, it is possible to introduce the effect of this concept to your homes with a few design suggestions that refer to nature in interiors. 

Here are a few decorating tips based on Friluftsliv…

1- Include plenty of plants

Plants are of course indispensable for a decoration matching with the principles of Friluftsliv. According to this approach, the more plants you have in your home, the better. Plants introduces the breezes of nature to your home, while also helping to clean the air, maintain moisture balance, and find peace. Furthermore, research reveal that plants have positive effects on focus. And this will enhance your concentration on the situation you are interested in. 

2- Prefer natural materials 

Natural materials differ from other components, often with less damage to human health and the environment. They are also environmental-friendly as they do not contain chemical additives and consumes less energy in production processes. Moreover, the texture and appearance of natural materials add a warm atmosphere to the living space. Other positive effects include being more durable, increasing acoustic performance, and its effect on emotional experiences. Considering all these contributions, including materials such as wool, cotton, linen and wood in your home will allow you to get familiar with this philosophy. 

3- Create comfortable spaces

For Friluftsliv, which is translated as spending time outdoors, gardens, balconies and terraces are indispensable areas. It will be very beneficial for you to spend a lot of time there and create areas where you will enjoy yourself. Soft lighting systems and toss pillows lined up on wooden pallets painted in natural tones are among the factors that will warm the environment thoroughly. If you do not have such an opportunity, do not hesitate. Redesigning a room or a specific area for yourself will also be a nice option. Here you can surround the environment with decorative poufs or beds and decorative objects that will make it even more comfortable for you to meditate. Candles, essential oils and room fragrances will also be simple but effective in warming the atmosphere well, transforming it into a more meditative environment. Having said that, the choice of color in your room and the slightly permeable curtains are among the factors that can transform your interior into a more spacious and natural atmosphere.


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